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Wǔ Wèi

an immersive theatrical experience that explores the healing power of food and community.

An Infinite Ache

His Is a Cage

a Filipino-American family struggling to survive its own self-destruction at a time when the American Dream had turned into farce

An Infinite Ache

a fresh and heartfelt play about love, time and the infinite directions in which two lives can travel

Ten Months
Fifth Planet

American Standard

American Standard is about navigating adolescence, home, and defying the odds.

Length: 13:51
A Chinese mother, who comes to New York for a short visit but gets stuck due to COVID travel restrictions, and her Americanized daughter navigate their ten months living together in a small New York City studio apartment.

The Man Who Turned Into A Stick

a smart play about the nature of friendship, learning, trust and astronomy. Charts the friendship between two observatory workers as it waxes and wanes over the course of a year

questions about one's own lives rather than perfunctorily accept one's fate. A piece of work that transformed the genre of magical realism in the Japanese literary canon.

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